Surgical Stapler Lawsuit

Thousands of American medical patients are coming forward with complaints about surgical stapler injuries. In particular, Ethicon (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) surgical staplers are associated with injuries that include infection, tissue damage, and even death. Legal action may help injured patients and their families recover losses caused by the defective product.

Affected patients may include anyone who has received surgical staples in connection with gastrointestinal surgeries, such as bariatric patients and those with colorectal cancer.

Critical Flaws With Ethicon Surgical Staplers May Cause Severe Injury

Surgeons typically use staplers during gastrointestinal tract surgeries to create connections between sutures during the procedure. Ethicon stapler products have already caused serious injuries to patients, and the company issued a recall for the products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has included the following in the list of risks associated with defective staplers:

  • Bleeding
  • Tearing of organs and internal tissues
  • Leaks in the closure
  • Sepsis
  • Increased risk of cancer recurrence
  • Fistula formation
  • Possible death

As a result of these issues, patients may need:

  • Antibiotics
  • Additional imaging procedures
  • Additional surgeries and closures
  • A permanent ostomy bag (a pouch attached to the person’s body externally where food waste is stored for disposal)

As you can imagine, the injuries associated with Ethicon surgical staplers can be severe and life-changing. The injuries can lead to long-term changes in one’s lifestyle and abilities, such as nutritional and digestive issues, including the need for an ostomy bagThe injured person may require ongoing medical treatment or specialized care and assistance with their daily lives.

Ethicon points to flaws with the device that can compromise staple lines during routine gastrointestinal surgeries. These defects include issues with the staple firing and the formation of the staples.

The U.S. regulator stated, “Misfiring of the stapler resulted in an additional resection – of the middle rectum in one patient and the lower rectum in another patient – during the planned resection of the upper rectum.”

Settlements in Stapler Lawsuits

Damages in an Ethicon surgical stapler lawsuit can cover a wide range of losses and setbacks caused by a surgical stapler injury. Though a verdict or settlement can never really undo the tragic experiences of an injury victim, it serves the purpose of helping a victim recover and makes life better moving forward.

A damages award can help with:

  • Medical costs: Costs of treatments, therapy, and medicines
  • Earnings losses: Lost wages (for instance, due to missed work while recovering), or a loss of the ability to generate income in the future
  • Lifestyle adjustments: Loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life
  • Various other costs 

Thousands of Americans are being affected by surgical stapler injuries. Reports warn health care providers of an increase in the number of adverse events associated with defective surgical stapler products.

Taking legal action can help you get back on track after a surgical staple injury. Contact Adam Thompson, The Mass Tort Lawyer at (855) 497-2326 if you need legal representation for an Ethicon surgical stapler lawsuit. Adam has extensive experience in helping clients obtain significant settlements and verdicts against large manufacturing corporations.

Unfortunately, issues with defective medical devices are common. If you or a loved one have been harmed in any way by defective Ethicon Surgical staplers, we strongly encourage you to contact a lawyer regarding your legal rights and options.