Juul Addiction Lawsuit

Lawsuits accuse JUUL Labs Inc. of hiding information from consumers about the nicotine content, addictiveness, and physiological effects of JUUL e-cigarettes, and they claim the company marketed its products to teens. The mounting wave of lawsuits has been compared to tobacco litigation in the 1990s.

Individuals, including teens with no previous smoking experiences, that were led to believe that Juul was “better than smoking” or “a safer alternative to smoking” are finding themselves addicted to Juul and are now suffering serious health issues.

Individuals who are fighting addiction and life-threatening health effects associated with Juul are currently hiring a Juul lawyer to file a Juul lawsuit in order to receive compensation for the damages that they have incurred as a result of Juul’s negligence and false marketing.

The manufacturer failed to warn about Juul dangers, and now thousands of youth, adults, and individuals trying to quit smoking are suffering the consequences for Juul’s actions. If you have suffered an injury because of Juul, you may be eligible to participate in a Juul lawsuit or e-cigarette lawsuit.