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As a premier national litigation firm, Adam Thompson The Mass Tort Lawyer is founded on a history of hard work, persistence, and dedication. Our results and awards are the outcomes of our commitment to our clients and their well-being. If you want to hire a skilled lawyer you can trust with your case, call or email us. We are available to provide free legal evaluations of your claim and have the resources to pursue cases in any state from our New York City & New Jersey-based office. Please note that until we have entered into a written representation agreement with you, no attorney-client relationship is established. We will nonetheless keep all information you send us confidential.

Adam M. Thompson, The Mass Tort Attorney

Mr. Thompson will directly oversee how your case is handled throughout each stage of the litigation process, carefully reviewing the pertinent facts and law to develop successful case strategies. This direct, hands-on approach means he will aggressively advance your case to achieve the results you need as quickly as possible.

The Mass Tort Mission

Adam Thompson operates on a simple, yet powerful philosophy: Making It Right for those who have been wronged.  That means I have always been, and will always be, in the corner of the individuals and businesses that need us the most.

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