Clergy Abuse Lawsuit

Clergy sex abuse is the abuse of minors perpetrated by Catholic Church officials such as priests and deacons.

In reality, child sex abuse by clergy members is an institution-wide abuse scandal involving sex crimes that will impact survivors their entire lives.

The child survivors who suffered sexual assault should have been protected by the institutions that claimed to have their best interests at heart — but for thousands, this was not the case.

Institutions like the Catholic Church have been able to commit abuse for decades because predators have not been held accountable. Instead, the abusive church leaders were protected by their supervisors and institutions, according to the non-profit corporation

This means that although churches and other organizations were typically the first to know about acts of abuse, they permitted it to continue with little or no consequences.

If you or someone you love experienced childhood sexual abuse by clergy members, we encourage you to take action. Reporting abuse and talking to a clergy abuse lawyer about your legal options may help give you some peace of mind — and prevent future abuse.